Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Digital Marketing Techniques for B2B PPC sales

In the world of digital marketing, B2B PPC is often overlooked. B2B stands for business-to-business, and PPC means pay-per-click. Some think of PPC as a B2C (business-to-consumer) which is used for direct sales such as retail of apparel, electronics, and so on, or for a lead generation which means matching potential clients to services.

The job of a PPC marketer differentiates from that of a B2C PPC marketer in the length of the sales cycle. A PPC marketer runs paid search ads for the product or service they are trying to sell. Each leads to their landing page where the consumer can make a purchase. Selling B2C is faster. There are a few more rules as well.

Decision making and decision makers are a huge part of most businesses. That may include an approval process, a number of stakeholders, a legal department, and so on. All of that is involved in the sales cycle, and each decision that has to be made lengthens the sales cycle additionally. For B2B sales, the sales cycle is on average 84 days long, as found a company's research. This period varies from business to business as it can be significantly longer or shorter.

B2B purchasing decisions involve a number of stakeholders which. Combined with the overall lengthier sales cycle, it makes it essential to have some relevant messaging point for each audience at several stages of the sales funnel. The messaging points work differently depending on where the searcher, and consumer, is at. Upper-funnel messaging works better for exploring searchers when it is not a strong push to sell. At the same time, if the consumer is at the point of comparing prices and reading reviews than the call to action should be stronger to tip the scale in the seller's favor.

The B2B PPC funnel begins with introducing the consumer to the online presence of your company or directly to the landing page. Then the visitor signs up to the funnel. Once they are a part of your audience, you need to grab their attention through leads of choice.

There are a number of tactics which you could use. One of them is branded-keyword campaigns which work best for mid-funnel in B2B PPC. Another useful tactic that establishes trust in remarketing and rebranding is to present your audience with landing pages and to message that serves them. Learn what your audience prefers or needs and focus on that as prospects. That will grab their attention well and possibly lead to sales. Once they have utilized one of your services or bought one of your products, present them with another one that is relevant to them.

Video advertising is also compelling to use. Consumers are becoming more impatient and do not read you e-mail. A short video and a few lines of text along with a call to action can do more for your business than a long email with a stock photo here and there.

It is important to pay attention to trends in consumer behavior. Specific digital marketing techniques might work better than others as well. The trick is to try out different things and pay attention to the results each element yields.


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